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We craft your company’s story and turn it into one of your most valuable assets.

Who we are & what we do

Story Studio Communications was founded by two experienced journalist and specialist communications strategists. Our company delivers value through a broad approach to communication that starts with a thorough understanding of your business strategy and objectives. As we believe that good communication starts with knowing what matters to your target audience, the communication strategy is also based on deep insights into your target markets.

Effective communication is multi-faceted. In a digital world people access and engage with information through a variety of different channels including, but not limited to, traditional media. Our communications strategies may range from
something as simple as a Linkedin or Whatsapp campaign, to a more complex multi-channel, multimedia approach to tell the story in a number of formats – social media, video and photography, sound, print or traditional news media – to get the right message to the right audience at the right time.

2014 - Story Studio is born

Story Studio launches as a boutique content marketing agency

2015 - Bloodhound Launch

South African media launch of the Bloodhound SLR at Hakskeenpan - Gaining media exposure of over R5m

2017 - Financial sector

Story Studio provides specialised content services for the South African and international financial sector

2018 - GreenFlag Association

Story Studio assists in setting up and launching the GreenFlag Association

2020 - Small Business Awards

Story Studio Publishes its first coffee table book - Taxi

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