Our Clients


BLOODHOUND SSC is a British-led engineering adventure aiming to build a 1000mph (1609km/h) car. The aim of the project is to inspire a new generation of engineers by breaking the World Land Speed Record. Story Studio Communications is the public relations and communications provider for BLOODHOUND in South Africa. We provide full communications services, including media relations, content creation and sponsor liaison for the project in South Africa.



Emcom Wireless

Emcom Wireless is a South African firm specialising in professional radio communications. The Story Studio is contracted to run a content and public relations campaign to raise the company’s profile. Story Studio delivers and distributes content for the company’s owned media, as well as to traditional main-stream and industry media.

 Wits University

Story Studio was involved in a number of projects for the University of the Witwatersrand, including sourcing and writing parts of the Wits Research Report for 2015 and covering various events such as graduation ceremonies. We have created various multimedia packages for the University.